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Why did my daughter bloat in her stomach ?



Many people will bloat in the digestive system and probably end up in the hospital.

In 2003 my daughter bloated extensively, until she could not have A bowel movement.

If you have someone in your family that has bloated, you may want to listen to my story. As we took her to the University of Chicago and they continue to do their hospital tests like MRIs, CAT scans, barium swallow, blood work, etc. Of course introducing my 12 your daughter to opioids in which she was hallucinating, and getting constipated from the pain medicine, and more stress and frustration of not knowing what's going on with her body. As a father is very concerned, they release my daughter totally bloated. I started studying, and was inquiring within the family I found out my grandfather bloated, Back then they called it "Lock Bowels"today i's called I.B.S., but it all starts with environmental stress. I also learned that our family bloats because of stress.And then I started my journey About detoxifying the body. Today you will find hundreds of testimonies within the web and many write ups about this Gat Tea. Therefore my mission has and will always be to help children whom bloat in the digestive system.

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